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Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much.

Our Team

Our Commitment

At Experts Auto Locksmith, we believe that exceptional service starts with an exceptional team. Our locksmiths are not only highly skilled but also passionate about their work. Each team member undergoes rigorous training and certification to ensure they are equipped with the latest knowledge and techniques in the locksmith industry. This commitment to excellence ensures that we can tackle any lock or key issue with confidence and precision.

Make most car keys
Program remotes and key fobs
Re-key auto, home or business
Replace/repair ignitions

Meet Our Expert Team

At Experts Auto Locksmith, we believe that exceptional service starts with an exceptional team. Our locksmiths are not only highly skilled but also passionate about their work.

Klaus Weber

Klaus Weber is our lead locksmith with over 15 years of experience in the industry. His expertise ranges from basic key cutting to complex transponder key programming and ignition repair. John’s meticulous attention to detail and dedication to customer satisfaction make him a cornerstone of our team.


Sarah brings a wealth of knowledge and a friendly approach to her role. With over a decade of experience, she specializes in emergency lockout services and advanced security systems. Sarah’s ability to remain calm under pressure and her problem-solving skills ensure that our clients receive prompt and effective solutions.

Mike Jhonson

Mike is our go-to expert for all things related to automotive locksmith services. His expertise includes key replacements, remote key fob repairs, and transponder key programming. Mike’s passion for cars and his technical prowess make him an invaluable asset to our team.

Emily Davis

Emily ensures that our clients receive the best possible service from the moment they contact us. Her excellent communication skills and attention to detail ensure that appointments are scheduled efficiently and that all client concerns are addressed promptly. Emily’s dedication to customer satisfaction is evident in every interaction.


Linda is dedicated to ensuring our clients receive exceptional support and service. With a background in customer relations and a passion for helping others, Linda coordinates service calls, manages client inquiries, and ensures that every customer has a positive experience. Her friendly demeanor and organizational skills keep our operations running smoothly.

Tom Richter

Tom is our versatile mobile locksmith technician, always ready to come to your aid wherever you are. Specializing in on-the-spot solutions, Tom handles everything from emergency lockouts to on-site key replacements and lock repairs. His quick response time and ability to solve problems on the go make him an essential part of our team.

Jessica Klein

Jessica is a master of precision when it comes to key cutting and duplication. With over eight years of experience, she excels in crafting perfect key copies and handling complex key cutting machines. Jessica’s keen eye for detail and commitment to accuracy make her a trusted expert for all your key duplication needs.

Martin Schulz

David is our security systems specialist with extensive experience in installing and maintaining advanced automotive security systems. His expertise includes alarm systems, GPS tracking, and advanced keyless entry systems. David's technical skills and innovative approach ensure that your vehicle remains secure and up-to-date with the latest security technologies.


For all your key needs, we are ready to help you!

At Experts Auto Locksmith, we’re here to assist with all your key needs. From cutting to programming, count on us for efficient and reliable solutions tailored to you.

Depend on our certified locksmiths to handle any locksmithing service needs!

Unlocking solutions for every automotive challenge. Trust Experts Auto Locksmith for reliable, professional service whenever you need it.

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